Block Management

Elite Property is an experienced block management company and we provide a number of services to residents of blocks of flats. These include:

  • Regular cleaning of all communal areas (e.g. stairways, halls and landings)
  • Regular cleaning of all external windows.
  • Maintenance of outside areas (e.g. gardens and pathways)
  • Maintenance of communal areas (e.g. communal doors, steps and pathways)
  • Comprehensive building insurance

In 2002 leaseholders were given the "right to manage" and choose who manages and maintains their block of flats. Elite Property is a locally based, independent company with an effective, friendly approach to block management who will

  • Set up a dedicated right to manage company
  • Set up a dedicated audited business account associated with that company
  • Be available in case of emergency
  • Be a single point of contact ensuring a continuous, knowledgeable service
  • Be available for resident’s own maintenance if needed

A well managed block of flats will give you control, peace of mind, a pleasant living environment and confidence that, if you are an owner, your investment is being properly looked after.

If you would like to discuss the management of your block of flats in more detail please email us on or phone us on 0151 6473353.  We’re here to help you with all your maintenance and management queries.  We’re a safe pair of hands.